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NASCAR Betting at Sports Gambling

NASCAR betting is all the rage these days among many sports bettors. The attractions to betting NASCAR racing are many.

But not everyone is familiar with NASCAR betting and often they need only to have the nuances of the sport explained before they’ll give it a whirl. NASCAR betting is the fastest growing spectator sport in the US and has been for several years.

Each NASCAR odds fan has their own reason for enjoying the sport but generally it has to do with the high levels of excitement and adrenaline that betting NASCAR racing produces.

For those sports enthusiasts out there that have never tried their hand at NASCAR betting there are few things to remember about the sport that make NASCAR betting both unique and interesting.  First, NASCAR betting is a very physical form of auto racing.

There are many auto racing fans that find NASCAR betting revolting and would never in a million years engage in betting NASCAR racing. The reason for this is what some anti-NASCAR betting fans would refer to as racing ‘purity’. As Robert Duval states in the great NASCAR betting movie, Days of Thunder, “rubbin’ is racin’”.

For more traditional auto racing fans the high levels of contact amongst the cars and drivers, or ‘rubbin’, is not what auto racing is about. And for that reason there is a large segment of auto racing fans that shun NASCAR betting.  But for the rest of the world, that contact is the very thing that makes NASCAR betting so attractive.

At any minute there can be a major catastrophe which could result in a monster wreck and throw the NASCAR betting completely out of whack, if not endanger the lives of the NASCAR betting drivers.  Injury and even death are very real part of betting NASCAR racing.

It is perhaps the very element that both appalls and delights NASCAR racing fans. The deaths in the sport have all been well documented, but perhaps he greatest loss to the sport was the death of Dale Earnhart, NASCAR betting icon, at Daytona several years back.

That tragedy made the sport rethink its safety measures and the sport has been much safer since. The wrecks and the rubbin’ are still plentiful but there has been no death in NASCAR betting since and hopefully there won’t be anymore ever.