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Indy Car Racing at Sports Gambling

Indy Car racing is popular for many gamblers around the world because of the Indianapolis 500.

It is still a popular auto racing betting event even though Indy car racing as a whole continues to suffer. Indy car racing at one time was very popular around the world but that has changed in the past couple of decades with the dominance of NASCAR among fans and the popularity of Formula One around the world.

Indy car racing still has its place but how long that remains is a question since many of their top drivers continue to leave. Indy car racing has a great history, especially the Indy 500 as big name drivers used to dominate the sport. With drivers like Mario Andretti and A.J. Foyt, Indy car racing had a large following around the world.

Today Indy car racing has a limited following even with ABC and ESPN televising the races. Indy car racing at one time only involved oval tracks but that has changed as the series now includes street courses and road courses.

The highlight of the Indy car racing season is the Indianapolis 500, really the only race left that attracts much attention and even that is dwindling. It is hard for many auto racing betting fans to follow the sport with many of the top drivers leaving for NASCAR.

Indy car racing has similar auto racing betting options to NASCAR and Formula One in that gamblers can bet on a driver to win a race or bet the individual race matchups. The matchups betting will have one driver against another in a sportsbook created matchup.

Usually this auto racing betting matchup will pit drivers of similar skills since the sportsbook wants equal action. Indy car racing teams compete each week for prize money and also points toward the Championship. The race that attracts the biggest attention and has a great prize purse is the Indy 500.

Race winner Dario Franchitti received over $1.6 million for his win in 2007. In addition to racing for money each week, the season champ will earn $1 million.