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How Many Drivers Have a Shot At the 2015 Formula One Title?

Heading in the halfway point of the 2015 Formula One season, the race for the title may be extremely narrow. Two drivers have dominated the Formula One season so far this year. The odds for certain drivers to win in the 2015 Formula One season are rather intriguing and deserve to be reviewed in detail.

Lewis Hamilton – 1-2

Lewis Hamilton has a narrow lead in the 2015 Formula One championship with 169 points midway through the season. He won the Australian, Chinese, Bahrain and Canadian races and has won all but one pole position in the first eight races of the season, thus giving him a good line to be the champion.

Nico Rosberg – 7-4

Nico Rosberg is Hamilton's teammate with Mercedes and has 159 points. He won the Spanish, Monaco and Austrian races and has held much of an advantage over other drivers throughout the season. This gives him a potential to win the title at 7-4 auto race betting odds.

Sebastian Vettel – 10-1

Sebastian Vettel is the only other driver to have won a Formula One race so far this year. He won the Malaysian Grand Prix and has 120 points for the Ferrari team. Still, he is rather far back with 10-1 odds to actually win the season.

Kimi Raikkonen – 25-1

At this point, it may be tough for anyone to actually catch up to the top drivers in the Formula One circuit. Kimi Raikkonen has 72 points and has done well in many races for the Ferrari team. However, he retired in two races this year, thus making it much harder for him to actually go far in the standings. Raikkonen has 25-1 odds to actually win the 2015 Formula One title.

At this point, the racing odds for other drivers to win the title are remote. Felipe Massa has 66-1 odds while Valtteri Bottas has a 50-1 line to win it all. The odds at this point are too tough for some drivers, thus making this a three-way race for the top for the most part.