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Formula 1 Betting at Sports Gambling

Check the best Formula 1 betting lines and get all you need to know about F1 to start betting on F1 racing here at Sports-Gambling.

Formula 1 is one of the two major ways that gamblers bet auto racing, the other being NASCAR. If you are a regular bettor of Formula 1 there are a few things to keep in mind.  Formula 1 racing action doesn’t get quite the attention that NASCAR gets, but there are some good betting options available each week at sportsbooks.

Formula 1 betting at sportsbooks oftentimes will offer bettors driver matchups, odds on the winner of a race, qualifying odds, futures, and props depending upon the race.

As you bet at Formula 1 you should begin by not only studying the drivers but also the teams, tracks, engine and tire manufacturers in addition to Formula One racing stats. Each of these criteria is important and has their own individual strengths and weaknesses for a gambler to evaluate.

It is also important in Formula 1 betting to keep track of the latest gossip and potential personnel changes and the Formula One racing stats. There are some excellent Formula 1 websites that a gambler must utilize for the best information to help him handicap F1 racing properly.

Unlike NASCAR betting, it is important for gamblers in Formula 1 betting to get their wagers in by the Thursday before a race.

Due to price fluctuations and the way that Formula 1 racing is run, gamblers get far better value for their bankrolls by betting early rather than late and depending one how well a gambler does in F1 racing qualifying bets, he might even win money before the Formula 1 race starts.

Formula 1 often has some odd results and it is important for gamblers to be careful and have a balanced approach to their Formula 1 betting activities as a bettor can easily get burned by always backing the chalk heavily with nothing laid out on other Formula 1 possibilities.

A better Formula 1 strategy is to look for lesser-known drivers to finish in the top eight positions, (or better), rather than bet on overlays with the dominant drivers all the time. Just like anything else, you can’t continually bet favorites in Formula 1 and hope to win.

Formula 1 offers some good opportunities for gamblers that are willing to take the time necessary to find out good information.