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F1 Betting Differences at Sports Gambling

F1 betting is similar to other forms of sports betting but there are differences. The biggest difference in auto racing betting is that winners and losers are based on the driver.

F1 betting is similar to NASCAR and Indy Car betting although there are differences in Formula One as well. The thing to keep in mind about F1 betting is that there are far fewer drivers and teams than in NASCAR which means only a few drivers have a realistic chance to win each week.

This makes F1 betting different that other types of auto racing betting. The McLaren team is so dominant that oftentimes some sportsbooks will put that team against all of the other teams for the week’s race. And the McLaren team will usually still be favored. It used to be the same thing with the Ferrari team in auto racing betting.

F1 betting involves a few different options although most gamblers look at only two. They consider the F1 betting options of a driver to win a race and the auto racing betting matchups. When you look at the F1 betting matchups it is a good idea to look at the manufacturers.

That is not as important in NASCAR or Indy Car racing but in F1 betting it is crucial. Some of the lower end teams have no chance to realistically compete each week. In reality, unless there are crashes, there are only a handful of drivers that can win each week on the Formula One Circuit.

In F1 betting you have a total of 18 races to look at each season. If you bet the favorite in each of those races at even money or so, the favorite would have to win more than half the races just for you to make money in auto racing betting. That is difficult in any type of auto racing betting, including Formula One.

As you look at F1 betting this season remember that the circuit is dominated by McLaren with the other teams trying to play catch up. Eventually they will and another team will show dominance. That is what happens in F1 betting.