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F1 Betting and Television at Sports Gambling

F1 betting action can be seen live or tape delayed on TV in almost every country around the world and that makes it exciting.

F1 betting for many gamblers is attractive because the races are on television. It was not that long ago that the Brazilian Grand Prix had a TV audience of over 83 million viewers and 154 million viewers that watched at least part of that race.

Amazingly enough F1 betting gets so popular that the races are among the most viewed sporting events of the year. The Canadian Grand Prix a few years ago was among the most watched sporting events in the world and a major auto racing betting event. F1 betting for gamblers involves a couple of main betting options.

Auto racing betting options usually involve odds to win the race and individual matchup odds. Let’s consider both of these options. F1 betting is a bit different than other auto racing betting like NASCAR for a couple of reasons.

First, there are not as many drivers in Formula One which means only a few drivers have a realistic chance to win each week on the F1 betting odds board. Second, Formula One does not race every week like NASCAR so that means teams have a chance to prepare more for each race.

That leads to certain teams dominating much more than in NASCAR although recently the Hendrick teams seem to be dominating NASCAR. Auto racing betting on Formula One races has a few drivers heavily favored to win the race and to win their matchups.

If one of the favorites doesn’t win the race, which is rare, the F1 betting odds can be big on the winning driver. The problem for F1 betting gamblers is finding that race. Usually the dominant teams win races every week and that means taking a longshot driver is usually throwing money away.

That can make F1 betting a bit tricky at times. You may want to consider the F1 betting matchups instead where one driver is matched up against another. This may provide you with better value on the F1 betting odds board.