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Nascar Betting: Colorful and Skilled Drivers at Sports Gambling

Often racing aficionados disparage the betting NASCAR racing drivers by claiming that they are less skilled than other forms of open-wheeled racing drivers.

But anyone that has ever seen a race or engaged in NASCAR betting knows that that’s simply not true. NASCAR betting is a wildly popular sport in many parts of the country and yet many racing enthusiasts still insists upon degrading the sport and betting NASCAR racing

These critics insist that on technical merit the NASCAR betting drivers simply don’t have the finesse and pure racing skills to compete in other ‘purer’ forms of racing.  However, these critics fail to note that NASCAR betting racing has its own unique perils that many other drivers in other auto racing divisions would have great difficulty navigating.

For example, in NASCAR betting you must drive three cars wide heading into many turns, and you must be able to drive within an inch of a concrete wall at 170 miles an hour without getting nervous.  These unique traits to betting NASCAR racing are not often taken into consideration by NASCAR betting critics.  And these same NASCAR betting critics also often fail to give credit to the drivers that make up the betting NASCAR racing roster.

At present some of the very finest drivers in the world are involved with NASCAR betting.  Take for example former F-1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya a first-year driver in betting NASCAR racing.  After winning multiple races at open-wheeled racing’s most glamorous division, he switched to NASCAR betting driving and didn’t have all that much success.

There are now many more open-wheeled drivers looking to take on the challenge of NASCAR betting racing such as Indy 500 champ Dario Franchitti and former F-1 champ Jacques Villienueve.  The list of top NASCAR betting drivers is almost without end constitutes a veritable dream team of drivers that would be tough to match outside of betting NASCAR betting racing.  To that list you could also add Jeff Gordon a multiple NASCAR betting driving champ.  You could also add Jimmie Johnson, his teammate and multiple times NASCAR betting driving champ as well.  Even Dale Jr, has shown he’s got plenty of racing chops in his various NASCAR betting wins. 

While it’s easy to disparage NASCAR betting drivers as less talented from afar, the recent cross over of drivers from others racing styles to betting NASCAR racing has proven that it’s not as easy as it seems, and that in fact NASCAR betting drivers are quite talented.