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Why the Los Angeles Kiss Are Struggling in 2015

Much has been made about the Los Angeles Kiss, the Arena Football League team that was co-founded by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two members of the famed rock band Kiss. The team finished 3-15 in their first season last year and had been hoping to improve this year to become a respectful team. However, the team has lost its first five games of the 2015 season. The only game that they lost in single digits was a 42-37 loss to the Portland Thunder at the start of the season.

The Kiss have also given up at least 60 points three times this year. The most recent came on April 25 with a 68-30 loss to the Arizona Rattlers.

A Weak Offense

An extreme lack of offense is a big part of what has kept the team out of contention. The Kiss have scored only 40 or more points in two games this year. The LA Kiss have the worst offense in the AFL with 38.2 points per game. They also have 1,273 total offensive yards. This is the second-lowest total in the AFL but the Las Vegas Outlaws, a team with 948 yards, has only played four games.

Few Receiving Options

The Kiss do not have many receiving options either. Donovan Morgan had 595 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns but other than that, the team hardly has anything else going at the moment.

Lack Of Kicking Support

The kicking support for the Kiss has been weak as the team's offense has failed to really get anywhere on the field during play. Kenny Spencer has one field goal and 24 extra points this year, a total that is nearly half of what the league leader has been getting.

Whether or not the Los Angeles Kiss can crawl out of this hole is unclear. One point is for certain that while the Kiss are trying to rock and roll all through the AFL, they have done nothing to prove that the team was made for its fans loving what's going on right on the field.