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Could the CAFL Be a Big Thing For Arena Football Betting?

The Arena Football League has made plenty of efforts to stay stable ever since it came back. Today there are twelve teams with plenty of people interested in investing money as can be seen with recent examples in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. However, Arena Football betting is still rather exotic to some as it is not too popular.

However, there is a possibility that Arena Football betting could expand overseas. This is thanks in part to the AFL's current plan to expand into China. This is through the China American Football League. The CAFL has been in the works for a few years and it is only just recently that the CAFL has gotten some sense of traction going in terms of what may happen.

The CAFL is an arena football league that will start playing in the fall of 2015. The AFL is hoping to use the CAFL as a developmental league. This is similar to what af2, the AFL's old supplementary league, was like. The league will have players who were unable to make AFL rosters plus players from China and those who are of Chinese descent.

This is a big move in that China is the largest market in the world and has been evolving over the years. There is a realistic potential for the CAFL to grow in size although there are no details as to which teams are going to play there yet. The CAFL is hoping to get six or eight teams in the fall.

The AFL is getting support from the Chinese government so there should be a realistic potential for the league to be afloat very soon. The China Sports Ministry has supported the promotional processes for getting the AFL to become more visible and potentially open to more people. This in turn could create an interesting possibility for bets to take place on more games or to at least make the sport more interesting for Arena football betting purposes in Asia.