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Public Opinion in American Idol Betting at Sports Gambling

American Idol betting is really an exercise in gauging public opinion, as opposed to determining which singer is the best.

American Idol betting fans must handicap the American Idol odds much differently than other sportsbook betting odds, in which one usually tries to predict how well two opposing sports teams will perform against one another.

Because the eventual American Idol betting results are determined by the public, it is important for American Idol betting enthusiasts to predict public opinion by looking beyond each singer’s ability and judging other important characteristics.

American Idol betting followers often debate the influence of the judges in determining the eventual winner. In some respects, there is no question that the judges impact the competition and, consequently, the American Idol odds.

For instance, American Idol betting fans know that it is the judges who decide which singers will advance past the auditions, and Season 8 will involve the reintroduction of a Wildcard round in which three previously ousted singers will be chosen by the judges to re-enter the competition.

Moreover, many American Idol betting enthusiasts believe the judges’ comments have sway over public opinion. The judges are all much more adept than most of the viewing public at evaluating singing talent, so it is natural that the public (consciously or unconsciously) looks to the judges for guidance.

Nevertheless, there is little question among American Idol betting enthusiasts that the eventual winners and losers chosen by the public are not always the same as those which would have been chosen by the judges, so the judges’ apparent favorites do not always provide the best value in the American Idol odds.

The judges look beyond singing ability and also want to find genuine artists and entertainers who have charisma and stage presence. Nevertheless, American Idol betting should realize that such secondary characteristics are even more important for the public. For example, the public frequently supports singers who are extremely charismatic and often good looking.

Moreover, American Idol betting veterans know that an important part of the show involves “getting to know” the singers and learning about their histories. Not surprisingly, those candidates who have overcome difficult circumstances will typically earn public support from their stories, even though these stories are completely irrelevant when one is considering singing ability.

Consequently, in order to handicap the American Idol odds successfully, it is necessary for American Idol betting fans to consider these secondary characteristics of each contestant and consider how they will ultimately affect the American Idol betting value of each singer.