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Danny Favored in American Idol Betting Odds at Sport Gambling

American Idol betting odds for Season 8 are getting very exciting and a number of contenders have emerged.

American Idol betting odds leader for this season is Danny Gokey who many people believe has a legitimate chance to win this season in American Idol betting.

American Idol betting odds really get sorted out once the Top 12 finalists are revealed.  Gokey, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarva were the first three of the Top 12 to be announced in American Idol betting. Gokey and Grace were no surprise in American Idol betting odds but Sarva making it was.  He just barely beat out Anoop Desai who was so very close to making it. 

He may end up making the Top 12 anyway since the judges will add three previously eliminated contestants after the group winners are announced.  Since Anoop Desai has a decent following and is popular it would not be a surprise to see him added in the wild-card round and end up on the American Idol betting odds board.

Although Gokey is favored in American Idol betting odds he is not an automatic winner.  Females have actually won four of the previous seven seasons in American Idol betting. The choice to bet on whether the ultimate American Idol betting winner will be male or female is available and the American Idol betting odds slightly favor the men this season. 

That is due to Gokey who is already a popular choice with many gamblers in American Idol betting odds. Gokey lost his wife just over a month ago and he is a popular choice in American Idol betting odds because of his story.  Whether or not his story starts to get exploited or played up too much remains to be seen but so far Gokey is one of the favorites in American Idol betting odds.

If you are looking at betting on Gokey in American Idol betting odds or one of the other male contestants you may want to be aware that one of the judges had predicted a man will win.  Randy Jackson has been quoted as saying that a man will win in Season 8 of American Idol.  That could be a little bit of inside information for you to use as you wager on American Idol betting odds this season.