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American Idol Betting Odds Facts

American Idol betting odds really start getting interesting when the final 40 singers go to Hollywood.

American Idol betting odds bring the public together and it is there that the fans start to see performances and gets an idea of who will contend in American Idol betting. Season 8 of American Idol betting odds begin in January. American Idol betting odds are followed by many people around the world.

They really start to get interesting as performers are cut from the 40 down to a manageable number. In the first three seasons of American Idol betting odds the semifinalists were split into different groups but that was changed in Season four. Starting in Season four, semifinalists in American Idol betting odds were narrowed to the final 24, with 12 men and 12 women. The American Idol betting odds are then narrowed to the final 12.

In the Finals of American Idol betting odds there is an elimination that American Idol betting each week. American Idol betting odds in the finals show each of the 12 finalists performing a song live on the show. The themes can be different from country, disco, pop, etc. When the American Idol betting field is narrowed to the top four and five, the contestants sing two songs each.

When it gets to the top three final, each contestant sings three songs. American Idol betting odds change each week after the results show that normally airs on Wednesday’s. The most popular contestants are not usually shown in terms of positioning, only the bottom three. It then goes to the bottom two and finally a singer is eliminated.

When American Idol betting odds get down to the final three a winner is declared. The winner really gets a huge head start in the business as they receive a $1 million dollar record deal. Other finalists have also done very well, even without winning.

Season 8 of American Idol betting begins in January so make sure and open an account at Sports-gambling and bet on your favorite singer.